Laboratory Glassware Washers

1800 LXA Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

Enable loading of 6 independent racks on a choice of 8 levels as a result of its innovative design

910 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

An all around Glassware Washer Dryer, offering 2 levels of cleaning with a choice of position for the upper level

1300 LX Freestanding Glassware Washer Dryer

Large capacity at a reasonable cost

1600 LXP Freestanding Glassware Washer and Dryer

Large chamber that can wash and dry on 4 levels simultaneously

820 LX Undercounter Glassware Washer Dryer

Underbench Washer with chemical storage and direct injection drying

810 LX / 815 LX Undercounter Laboratory Glassware Washer

The ultimate space saving washer